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That may be the easier easster egg I have found in a flash submission.

About the movie, I liked it a lot, lots of laughing.


Just by the way you missed the tail of the dinosaur in one shot when he turns about.

This animation was great, keep going. The plot seems to go very well and the voice acting just give it a plus.

Zeurel responds:

lol woops, i'll re enable that layer asap!


You know, this should be in today's first place, I am kinda disappointed it is not.

It is well drawn and animated, the idea is great and is very entertaining in every second. As an user watching I had a great time.

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pop up to death

I was playing the endless mode, but i did not tested it enough time but I got some stuff that were unbalanced.

First, you get the special indestructible atoms that from what i know it counts to the maxium number of atoms.

And second, after some experiments atoms popups so fast, I had less than 3 atoms in my screen and suddenly a lot of them pop uped and I lost wothout managing to do something about it.

I really enjoyed the game in the normal mode but it may be a bit short since you can make a lot of levels easily, just don't have to give a reason for experiments, just put the challenge there.

Good work overall, maybe a remake, review or sequel will be a best hit.

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VortixGamesStudio responds:

Thanks for the review. I can sense a disturbence in the pleasure of endless mode. :) It's something worth thinking about I believe. The game is out with some sponsors and will hopefully spread the web, so there's really no point in reviewing it.

On the other hand, the way we built both modes allows an immense array of possibilities for the future. All criticism we are getting regarding endless mode can be boiled to a better neverending type of game, we just have to rethink the gameplay since I'm feeling the rules page for it is not enough justification for the player's pleasure.

Thanks for the feedback, I think you noted some sensitive issues we can discuss to make a better game.

Text, text, text

This time I will point all the text on conversations, the text in each conversation may be to long and it doesn't helps reading it, feels like you wants to skip it and dont read it. also white text under a semitransparent square doesn't gives contrast to read it easier.


It is really great game at the beggining but after that I couldn't resist to fin a way to dont get attacked and I could spend all the 1000K money at level 41 I decided to close it because I found it really boring. It really doesn't says how many levels are there but is the same.

kamikaze airplanes, kamikaze trucks, machine gun trucks, misile launchers and in the last place infantery.

The infantery is mainly useless the can get closer to tanks because they are weak slow and with a very short range so two tanks can kill any number of infantry.

Well it needs a review is way so easy game after you get all the upgrades and kinda unlimited money.

Fun until you found you spent 15 minutes doing the same over and over.

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